No Mad's Land
No Mad's Land


So long as you are suffering, you are alive.

Waking up in the shade of coconut trees, walking on a beautiful white sand beach, diving into a warm turquoise sea. “You are lucky to be on holiday all the time, it’s Heaven.” That’s what I hear all the time. What do you think ? Being a nomad, living the hippy, Bohemian life, is easy ? Let’s start from the beginning…

With temperatures ranging from -18 to 59°C, I’ve known laughter and tears, intense emotions and pain. I’ve experienced thirst in Bulgaria and hunger at the four corners of Europe. Pedaling against a strong headwind, I’ve almost cried. Pushing the bike through the mud as well. I was so cold and shivering that I couldn’t even talk anymore in Norway. By -12°C in Bosnia I caught a bad cold with a 40°C fever. And the time I made the mistake of taking my gloves off for a few minutes, my hands got so cold that it took three hours to be them warm enough again to pack the tent away. Oh and I was forgetting: I almost died in Australia. In Poland I simply fainted from cycling through a heat wave. So, you still think it’s Heaven ? Well yes, because for me, living on the road, is synonymous with Freedom of course but also Happiness and serenity. An exciting life.





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