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The bicycle, a cheap, ecological and people-friendly means of transport.

Though the bike’s history goes back a long way, it is still rarely thought of in the way the World is designed. Nevertheless, it gives you autonomy in terms of movement and carrying capacity, which makes it the most appreciable and judicious means of travelling. Here’s why …

One day as I was hitch hiking from France to Spain, a driver left me at the border toll. I was speechless. He didn’t want to risk crossing with a stranger as drug smuggling is common between the two countries. It was wintertime, the road was frosty white, I was cold and here I was sat on the toll barrier. In the end I was stuck there for two days, I’m still surprised that they didn’t expel me. With a bike this would never have happened. The long wait finally came to an end when a couple agreed to drive me to the border town at nightfall. As soon as I left the car, I felt the unhealthy atmosphere of the place. There was a young dealer at every street corner. I was worried. The feeling of insecurity made me walk briskly out of the large town. I was listening out for the slightest sound, checking out dark corners. Giving up my self esteem, I collapsed for the night in an underground car-park, where a homeless person had left a few cardboard boxes. The smell of his excrement nearby was unbearable. That time I would have given anything for a bike. What I didn’t know yet, was that life would bring me to it naturally.

While in the saddle, the bicycle, slow enough to allow to have time to appreciate the landscape and to escape spiritually, is a universal means of transport draws sympathetic attention. It’s very easy for me to get in touch with people, like them to do it with me. Smiling faces accompany me all along the road, a better live together is reinstated in our daily lives.


It is hard to consider setting off for an adventure another way once you’ve known the joys of travelling by bike.


steppe moldova


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