No Mad's Land
No Mad's Land


The philosophy of my lifestyle

No Mad’s Land, which means “A land without a fool“, born thanks to the positive energy that people give me on the Road every day. Help with the bike, unpretentious, I like to convey my values, with the ambition on my scale to aspire to a better World, for me, the Men of today and future generations. By assuming my convictions, even if I should be reject by some, with my philosophy of ecological and humanist priority, I link here and there with children, men and women from all walks of life, of all social classes, of all nationalities. Defender of Universal Peace, great lover of Nature, endowed with a will almost indestructible to live “my dream”, my ideas push me daily and the strength of the calf, with the Joy and simplicity that characterizes me, to meet others, if not to convince, at least to try to bring my point of view to a World more humane and more respectful of the environment.

In my daily life, I try to reach out to others by destroying the barriers of the unknown, the fear of the stranger, by promoting mutual help, and to enter as much as possible into a process of universal love where Union, which is strength, would be the pillar of the World of Tomorrow, in which individualism, daily violence and venal wars would no longer exist. Every thought, every word, every action has the potential to contribute to more hate or more Peace in the Universe. If the whole of humanity agreed on what it wants to do with its existence and the intelligence that has been granted to it, we could live by reaching a collective happiness without needing to crush the other.

In my daily life, I subscribe to a minimalist approach that aims to protect the fauna, the flora, the environment of the Earth and to ensure the future of Humanity, offering to all those who want to see it, to hear it, the possibility of understanding that consuming ultimately does not bring much and that it is quite possible to be Happy with very little. More than owning, freedom is an inestimable wealth, and everyone has or should have the right and the choice to be free, free to think first, free to do next and fight body and soul for his values, preferably altruistic, and his freedom. There is no prison more cruel than the one of our mind in which we shut ourselves up alone.

In my dayly life, I travel by bike over very long distances, and I hope to inspire others to know that anything is possible if you only want it. By living my dream to the fullest, I wake up the dreams of the people I meet, and transmit them a little strength and hope by showing them the way to achieve them. I hope that by traveling in this way, I create a virtuous spiral of hope, and become an actor in the World of Tomorrow. From door to door, I receive a lot of smiles, kindness, generosity, and the humanity that people show me allows me to keep a little hope for the future. The joy that I receive in some, I take it to offer to others.



The no man’s land, these neutral zones, free from all conflicts that belong to nobody, inspired me NO MAD’S LAND, the utopic idea of a land without a fool, and the will to commit myself to bring my modest contribution to Universal Peace by creating space-times out of all received ideas, where only the living would be king with as constant hyphen an essential value which is called: HUMANITY.




Let me tell you a little secret. Yes, I am scared. I’m not as brave as you think I am. The World doesn’t scare me, but some anxieties hold me back. For example, at the beginning, I was afraid that I would miss my family, so travelling beyond the oceans …


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